Sport service


University sport, as a field of sport and education is reflected in both laws.

The law of Basque Sport 18/1998 of june 11th,, sets as its principle guide the management and promotion of University Sport.

Article 57

It is considered university sports, any sporting activity, competitive or recreational exclusively practiced by the university population within the sports programs of the Universities.

Artículo 58.

It is a duty of the universities, public or private, the organization and promotion of sports in their own university in accordance with the criteria and through the organizational structure they deem appropriate.

Organic Law 6 / 2001, of Universities, in the title XIV "Sport University and the university extension", Article 90 "of the sport in university..

1st point. The practice of sport at the university is part of the training of students and is considered of general interest to all members of the university community.

2nd point. The universities will establish the appropriate measures to promote the sport practice of the members of the university community, and where appropriate provide tools to make compatible studies with sport practice.