ECTS credits by sport activitties

ECTS credits in the studies of Degree

Royal Decree 822 of September 28, 2021 provides that in the studies of Degree the student can be recognized 6 ECTS for their participation in the events and extracurricular activities organized by the University. Such acts and activities may be of various kinds:

  • Student Representation Activities
  • Sport activities
  • Cultural activities of the University
  • Solidarity and cooperation activities


“9c. The subject of these procedures will be the credits in relation to the participation of the student in university activities of cooperation, solidarity, cultural, sports and student representation, which together will be equivalent to at least six credits. Likewise, other academic activities organized by the university for teaching purposes may be subject to these procedures. In no case may all the credits subject to the recognition established in this letter c) of this article represent more than 10 percent of the total credits of the study plan."

For this reason, each faculty has its internal regulations for the validation of ECTS credits, ask it in the academic secretariat of your faculty.

As a general rule, the sports service has the following rules to offer the credits:

  • 10-hour courses: 0.5 ECTS.
  • Internal Championships (league): 0.5 ECTS.
  • One-day internal sports championships: To get 0.5 ECTS you have to participate in 3 championships (during the course).
  • External Championships representing the university: Championships 1 days 0.5 ECTS. Championships two days or more 1 ECTS.
  • Student / sports partner: 0.5 or 1 ECTS.
  • Strava club of Mondragon Unibertsitatea: 0.5 or 1 ECTS.