Objectives and competences

Official Degree

Master Degree in Smart Energy Systems



1,5 years


Galarreta (Orona Ideo)

Class size

25 places


Spanish, English



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The aim is to train people capable of integrating the elements that make up a smart energy system to create innovative services, capable of applying data analysis, machine learning and intelligent monitoring techniques.



Modeling, simulation and analysis

Students will be able to model, simulate and analyse energy systems such as a storage system, an electric vehicle, renewable generation systems, metering systems, etc., which are composed of different electronic equipment that can be provided with artificial intelligence.


Integrating energy systems

The aim is to train professionals capable of integrating these energy systems and acquiring data from them, in order to develop maintenance, diagnosis or control services, applying automatic learning.


Design capabilities

These professionals will have the ability to produce model-based designs that can be updated using data.

Study requirements for University Master in Smart Energy Systems


Access requirements to University Master in Smart Energy Systems



The main competences of this Master's Degree are:
Analyse, model and simulate the dynamic behaviour of multivariable energy systems for the implementation of digital twins.
Manage the life cycle processes of a smart energy system, in a sustaible and efficient way  through Software-in-the-Loop and Hardware-in-the-Loop platforms.
Apply techniques with the aim of minimising the environmental, economic and social impact of these systems.
Recognise and use machine learning concepts to apply them in data modelling to predict, classify and cluster data.
Design and manufacture affordable, non-polluting and electromagnetically compatible electronic circuits for the efficient integration of the different equipment making up a power system.
Implement measurement systems through rapid prototyping equipment.

Master's Degree Subjects

  • Storage systems
  • Electronic Systems Design
  • Advanced Control of Energy Systems
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Fundamentals of Thermal Design


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Job opportunities 

  • Energy systems and networks manager
  • Energy optimization consultant
  • Technical Engineer
  • Energy coordinator
  • Innovation management
  • Project and people management

Professional opportunities of the Master