Official Degree

Master Degree in Smart Energy Systems



1,5 years


Galarreta (Orona Ideo)

Class size

25 places


Spanish, English



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Features and installations

Galarreta Campus

You will be able to study Smart Energy Sistems Master Degree at the Galarreta campus located at Hernani. It is an innovation ecosystem, in which knowledge (Mondragon Unibertsitatea), business (Orona) and research (Ikerlan) combine to create a synergies network for innovation.

Here you will find laboratories, classrooms and spaces equipped with the latest technology for undertaking practical work, research and hands-on projects.


The best-equipped laboratories and workshops

At the Higher Polytechnic School, the Smart Energy Sistems Master Degree has laboratories and spaces equipped with state-of-the-art resources that you can use to carry out energy projects in a practical way and, above all, to be able to apply in a real environment what you have learnt in the various subjects.

Whenever you need to, you can make use of these laboratories, where the equipment is undoubtedly one of our strong points.

These are some of the laboratories and research equipment you will be able to use:


For the design, assembly, programming and/or commissioning of automatic control systems.


Equipped to simulate and analyse renewable energy systems, as well as to research their combination with conventional energies.


Dedicated to the manufacture, fine-tuning and testing of the prototypes that you will have to present in your projects, using 3D printing and other manufacturing technologies.



The campus has four renewable energy generation systems: photovoltaic, solar-thermal, biomass and geothermal.

Storage systems laboratory

Build and demonstrate storage systems.

Power electronics and electrical machines laboratory

Develop research in renewable energy, electric mobility and energy efficiency.


Live University life

At the University of Mondragon in general, and on the different campuses of the Higher Polytechnic School, life is lived among the latest sportsculture and entertainment facilities. The university is also very involved with the community and students organise a growing number of activities aimed at society as a whole: trade fairs, magazine, contests, Literature Week, etc.

We also organise PBL Day every year, a day when all the projects developed during the academic year are exhibited and the best one wins a prize of €1000. And you will be able to take part in the NiZuGu Mugituz conference at which we find ways to train you in sustainable development, equality and values.

All these activities also form an integral part of the educational programme and their purpose is to improve quality of life for our students. At Mondragon Unibertsitatea you also learn how to live.



  • Virtual Secretary's Office: So that you can do all your paperwork online.
  • Library: Books, magazines, videos, study rooms.
  • Sports Services: Gym, excursions, courses and competitions.
  • Canteen: Breakfast, snacks, sandwiches, lunch menu.
  • KoNet: View your grades and much more on your mobile Systems Laboratory.
  • Campus Virtual: e-learning platform for support during the academic year.
  • Services for disabled students: Support staff, adaptation of studies.
  • Learning support: guidance, photocopying, computers, ...

All University services


Special Educational Needs

Students with any kind of disability who have special educational needs arising from their disability, will have the support of a assessment panel that will evaluate the need for any possible curricular changes, timetable adjustments or alternative studies. This panel is composed of:

  • The doctor of the institution
  • The technical officer responsible for the prevention of occupational risks
  • The director responsible for the prevention of occupational hazards and environment
  • The degree coordinator
  • A PAS Academic Services technical officer


It is a service that provides psychological care, with a preventive nature and whose purpose is to ensure the bio-psycho-social well-being of the students.

It is aimed at all MGEP students and is attended by personnel certified in psychology and psychotherapy.

It offers individual psychological care (5+5 sessions) and workshops and experiences aimed at healthy development.

The service is free of charge.