Work experience and projects

Master Official Degree

Development of Methodological Innovation Projects in Educational Institutions (Berrimet)


60 ETCs

1 or 2 years



Class size

25 places


Basque or Spanish




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Work experience and Final Project


Work Experience

The primary goals of the work experience component are the following: for Master’s students to become fully familiar with the current state of education, and for students to identify a challenge in didactic methodological innovation to be addressed later in their Final Project.

Students who have chosen the Professional Track will complete 90 hours (face-to-face) at their chosen school/organization. The students will arrange this time between February and March. However, the overall time can be extended in order to devote fewer hours per day to it. That is, the students can progress in their work experience in a week or lengthen it another week or two. Students will have another 60 hours (distance learning) in which to complete the work experience component by sending information to their tutors so that the tutors can track their progress, and by preparing the final project.

Final Project

During the work experience component, the student will observe a situation in a real context, and will then investigate the situation and make a proposal to resolve it. The Final Project will thus be a proposal developed to identify, characterize, and respond as fully as possible to a situation in a real context.


Work Experience

The primary purposes of the work experience component of the Master’s Research Track are for the student to identify a subject for research that will be placed in the framework of didactic methodological innovation, and to make the necessary preparations for research. First, each student will be assigned to a research group and will familiarize himself or herself with the research topics and goals of the group. The students will then define their own research and design their plan of study on it.

Each student will devote 90 hours (face-to-face) to the work of the research team, and another 60 hours of distance learning to complete the work experience component.

Final Project

The Final Project is to design and conduct research in a real context on the research topic that was previously identified, characterized, and developed, corroborating the results of that research to the greatest extent possible.