The Heat&Cook project generates 6 patents on domestic and professional heating systems


The Heat&Cook project generates 6 patents on domestic and professional heating systems


The Heat&Cook project generates 6 patents on domestic and professional heating systems

The ACEDE Cluster has joined forces with Copreci, Domusa, Eika, Fagor Industrial and Orkli, as well as with Ikerlan, Centro Stirling and Mondragon Unibertsitatea in this project financed by the Hazitek programme, which will generate almost 70 jobs



The Heat&Cook project has generated a knowledge hub in advanced heating systems that has enabled the research and development of innovative applications for the comfort and cooking sectors, both domestic and professional.

This initiative, funded by the Basque Government's HAZITEK programme for the period 2018-2020, has involved the collaboration of several Basque entities that focus their activity on the design and manufacture of heating systems.

Leading companies in their sector, such as Copreci, Domusa, Eika, Fagor Industrial and Orkli, have also taken part, as well as centres from the Basque Science and Technology and Innovation Network (Stirling Centre, Ikerlan and Mondragon Unibertsitatea) along with ACEDE, the Home Cluster.

Heat&Cook has been hailed as a success by both participants and evaluators. This is demonstrated by the good results of the project, with the realisation of 9 functional demonstrators, the application for 6 new patents and the expected commercialisation of several of the demonstrators. These good results are expected to have a positive impact, with an estimated increase in turnover of €17.5 million by 2023 and the creation of between 65 and 70 jobs.

Six patents and nine demonstrators

The progress achieved with this project has resulted in nine demonstrators and six patents. These patents relate to a combustion system for a gas condensing boiler developed by Orkli and Ikerlan; a domestic air-water heat pump compatible with boilers (implemented by Domusa with Ikerlan); dual gas valves and burners for barbecue cooking (two patents applied for by Copreci and Ikerlan); and an industrial electric heating hob and a domestic electric heating hob, both patents applied for by Eika.

The project has also made advances in demonstrators such as a multi-fuel biomass boiler (by Domusa and Ikerlan); an induction system with SIC-Mosfet power semiconductors (developed by the latter with Mondragon Unibertsitatea); a professional cooker with more precise electronic control (in which Fagor Industrial, Centro Stirling, Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Ikerlan have taken part); and an industrial cooking plate that makes it possible to locate the sources of heat radiation (from Eika with Centro Stirling and Mondragon Unibertsitatea).

According to its promoters, thanks to this project "we are now more attractive to the market than before we started: we have increased our value proposition in order to continue to lead in our markets and this has allowed us to improve our positioning in some markets”. They also explain, "it has allowed us to access other market niches that we currently do not have access to".

For the consortium partners, the project has allowed them to "investigate new heating technologies applied to new products and to advance the maturity of new solutions in relation to the market". And the effects are evident: “The research and development of new solutions in heating systems allows us to remain competitive with other global players, thereby protecting and creating new skilled jobs in the Basque Country.”

Furthermore, Heat&Cook representatives emphasised that this project has also served to highlight the existing capabilities of the companies in the consortium, who are leaders in their sector with significant market shares in their respective niches, also known as hidden champions, or global niche leaders.

The project has been co-funded by the Basque Government and the European Union as part of its support programme for business R&D Hazitek 2018, through the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).