Five-axle machining to boost your business


Five-axle machining to boost your business


Five-axle machining to boost your business

The company GF Machining Solutions and the Faculty of Engineering offer a technical conference on the development of the machining business



The Higher Polytechnic School and GF Machining Solutions have offered a technical conference with training on how to boost a business using five-axle machining machines, which also featured the collaboration of Emuge Franquen. 

The event is part of the initiative “Conference on the dissemination of the transfer of knowledge” and was held in Building 10 of the Faculty of Engineering, specifically the place where the new five-axle machine that Mondragon Unibertsitatea has bought from GF Machining Solutions is located.

A diverse audience

The conference featured presentations by seven specialists in machining, covering topics such as available technologies, smart productivity, machining strategies, etc. In addition to them, Pedro Arrazola, responsible for the High Performance Machining research group of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, also took the floor. Among the people who attended the event as listeners were representatives of different companies, including many collaborators at the university.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea is a leading agent in the research and transfer of knowledge, and events of this type reinforce the commitment of collaboration between the network agents.

Participation in the QU4LITY project

The Faculty of Engineering of Mondragon and GF Machining Solutions collaborate jointly in the European project QU4LITY–Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing. The project is part of the Horizon 2020 European call, started in January 2019 and to be completed by March 2022.