Conference on electrical networks of the future: challenges and solutions


Conference on electrical networks of the future: challenges and solutions


Conference on electrical networks of the future: challenges and solutions

The conference organised by Mondragon Unibertsitatea alongside Ikerlan, Tecnalia, Ingeteam and DeustoTech is part of the Elkartek Road2DC project



On 11 December, a workshop on electrical networks will be held at the Orona Ideo campus of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, where experts from different fields will present the challenges and solutions facing the energy sector.  

Climate change, increase in world energy consumption, dependence on fossil fuels… What is happening with the current energy paradigm? How can we improve and adapt electrical systems to respond to all this problem?  

The massive integration of renewable energy sources through generation plants or even at the domestic level and the electrification of transport are some of the priorities of current energy policies to achieve the established emission reduction targets, such as in the Paris Accord. This transition is urgent and necessary, but there are still many technological and socioeconomic challenges that must be addressed if we intend to reach an energy system that is completely based on this type of energy.
The conference “Electrical networks of the future: challenges and solutions”, organised by the Higher Polytechnic School of Mondragon Unibertsitatea in collaboration with Tecnalia, DeustoTech, Ingeteam and Ikerlan, aims to put on the table the aspects that will play a key role to ensure an energy transition adequate from the standpoint of electrical systems. The conference will be attended by Pedro Rodríguez, an internationally renowned expert in the field of smart grids, who will highlight the most important challenges that we will have to face in the coming years and the opportunities that will arise in this sector. In addition, some of the solutions proposed in the framework of the Elkartek Road2DC project by the organisers of the conference will be presented, and its impact at the level of the Basque Country and internationally will be highlighted.


Conference schedule

9:00 am          Welcome to the attendees.

9:30 am          Start of the conference.        Carlos García, MGEP

9:45 am          Smart electrical grids. Challenges and opportunities.        Prof. Pedro Rodríguez, LOYOLA.Tech

10:45 am        Technical challenges for the massive integration of renewable generation: Road2DC project.

11:15 am        Coffee break.

11:45 am        Analysis of topologies of electrical systems: advantages of hybridisation of systems in AC and DC.        

              DeustoTech + Tecnalia + MGEP

12:00 pm       Modelling and analysis of electrical power systems with a large presence of electronic power                                                 converters        MGEP + Tecnalia + DeustoTech + Ingeteam

12:30 pm       Control of converters for support of AC and DC networks.        MGEP + Ingeteam + Tecnalia

12:45 pm       Management of electrical systems through storage systems.        Ikerlan + MGEP

1:00 pm         Challenges and opportunities in the industrial sector and techno-economic impact.        Pending confirmation

1:30 pm         Final questions and closing of the conference


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The ROAD2DC project; New tools for the design and control of AC/DC hybrid distribution networks has been funded by the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government, within the ELKARTEK programme, with the reference number: KK-2018/00083.