Courses on artificial intelligence and artificial vision for professionals


Courses on artificial intelligence and artificial vision for professionals


Courses on artificial intelligence and artificial vision for professionals

Mondragon Unibertsitatea is holding sessions on the new courses on Artificial Intelligence and for Industry and Artificial Vision with Deep Learning organised by the Spri Group for its Garaia Enpresa Digitala and Bizkaia Enpresa Digitala centres.



These are the first editions of courses intended for professional technicians from any activity sector interested in acquiring knowledge to address current problems within the specific context of Artificial Vision, in one case, or the application of Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing processes, in the other.

The courses are intended for staff working at companies located in the Autonmous Community of the Basque Country and they fall within the strategy of boosting advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 in the local industrial fabric. The courses will be held in person and online, in accordance with the health recommendations.

Artificial Vision is a discipline in which there is growing interest in the scientific and technical fields, the purpose of which is the extraction of information from different types of images. At present it is applied in fields as diverse as robotics, remote detection, medical imaging, quality control and, in general, in the analysis of any type of data that may have notable spatio-temporal characteristics. The development of automatic learning techniques for artificial vision together with techniques based on neural networks such as Deep Learning have made it possible to obtain unprecedented resultos in classic artificial vision problems.

The artificial vision course consists of 33 hours and will be taught in full by research personnel from Mondragon Unibertsitatea, specifically by members of the robotics and automation department.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to detect problems or errors that may be created in production processes in the same way as humans would do. Digital development has enabled industry to obtain data from its entire production process quickly and automatically and the next step is for the system itself to detect any errors in the process and be able to identify any parts that do not pass the quality control. Machine Learning will be the formula that allows these detections to take place automatically.

The design and delivery of the Artificial Intelligence course have been led by Mondragon Unibertsitatea with the collaboration of various research centres such as Teknalia, Ikerlan and Vicomtech. The course consists of 60 hours of class divided into two weekly sessions and it will end in December.

The Spri Group plans to offer further editions of the same course over the next few months and in its different technology parks or headquarters.

Those who may be interested in these future editions can contact the course coordinator Beatriz Laskurain (