Adegi's presentation on new business culture


Adegi's presentation on new business culture

Adegi's presentation on new business culture

Encarni Markotegi, head of people management at Adegi, gave a lecture to engineering degree and higher education students



Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa is an organisation that is closely linked to business and industry and, to this end, together with Adegi, it organised a presentation aimed at bringing the students closer to the real market situation. The presentation was led by Encarni Marcotegi, Head of People Management at Adegi, in which she explained the reality of the New Business Culture, with the aim of preparing students for their future leap into the workplace.

The students who attended the conference were both undergraduate students (1st and 3rd year of the Degree in Industrial Organisation) and students from higher level training courses (1st year of Robotics, Computer science, DesignProduction programming and Mechatronics). The students who took part in the session, in both classroom and online formats, are taking courses related to business or people management, so the lecture was related to the theoretical content they are working on in the classroom.

A new way of doing business

The New Business Culture, promoted by Adegi, is presented as a journey of cultural transformation to turn companies into a shared project based on trust. To this end, it is essential to create shared spaces within companies, so that the people involved in them are striving towards a common goal. This New Business Culture promotes the collective commitment of companies in Gipuzkoa with the intention of generating better employment and greater well-being in the region.