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Paweł Marek

Ikus-entzunezko Komunikazioa

Great Basque Experience


It’s nearly end of semester.  Too short deffinetly. Now I can share with you some thoughts.

Mondragon University in Euskal Herria was my first choice when got possibility to study abroad. I didn’t know what to expect aside from general image and somehow I felt it is a right decision. From current time perspective I can see it clearly.

First education:

I’m studying Media and Communication at Huhezi Faculty in Aretxabaleta. The Map of  lectured subjects gives  good opportunity to develop meritoric knowledge and technical workshop that is must after you will decide to work in media business. Improving language skills is another win. Through this time you’ll complete practical projects and communication excercises.  It gives a lot and I’m sure it will work for you too..


It’s my first time in Euskal Herria – Basque Country. Finding myself took some time as I use spanish  on basic level. It’s not an issue,  if you willing you’ll be able to communicate. Since arrival  I’ve had all help and care i needed with sorting out official and personal matter. You can meet interesting people. Actually you will.

All rest i will leave as a suprise for you..


Dream land if you’re fan of  Nature. Landscapes are breathtaking and there is a lot of  great area to explore.  Mountains are calling and it’s just a beggining.

If you’re a city person you will have opportunity to visit some good places. Bilbao, San Sebastian or Vitoria-Gasteiz are one of the “must do”. Anywhere else? You choose.

P.S.  ..waterproof clothes or umbrella – a good thing to have.


All this comes with some extras. For sure you will find something for yourself. Additional courses and activities organized by different University departments are great ocassion to start new or proceed with your current interests. Cultural, science, sports are just example.

Personally I’m amazed by all of what i met and would like it to last…

Enjoy your Great Basque Experience.

Paweł Marek (Poland)