Fees, grants and scholarships

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Learning Facilitation and Innovation (Lit)


90 ETCs

1,5 years




Bilbao AS Fabrik and Madrid


Spanish or Basque (+ English)


Online + Face to face workshops

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Price 90 ECTS € 9,500. (ECTS € 105.55)


The payment will vary according to the number of ECTS enrolled.

1st year: 64 ECTS € 6,755

You can make the payment in 3 or 5 equal installments on the following dates:

  • In 3 installments: upon registration and in the months of December and March.
  • In 5 installments: upon registration and in the months of November, December, February and March.

2nd year: 26 ECTS: € 2,745

  • Single installment payment upon registration.


If 2 or more people from the same organisation register, we apply a discount of €1,900 (20%) from the second person onwards, to which can be added the single payment of €475*. * Except for those organisations that are eligible for a discount of more than 50% of the registration fee through FUNDAE, which will pay 100% of each registration fee.

The programme can be subsidised up to 100% by FUNDAE. This means that you can access Lit, without investing money, just your time. The only thing you you need to apply to your company for this training (since it is the organisations that have credit available). From here, we take care of the management, advice and verification of available credit through verification of the available credit through a specialised consultancy.

Grants and scholarships

Official scholarships

  • For students from the Basque Autonomous Community
  • General Scholarship (Basque Government).    
  • Scholarship for carrying out university-level or other upper-level studies.
  • Scholarship for academic excellence awarded to students with a record of high performance.
  • Government-regulated financial aid (by agreement between the Basque Government and Mondragon University). 
  • For students who are not from the Basque Autonomous Community
  • General Scholarship (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport). 

Financial aid offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Education

  • Financial aid for large families.
  • Financial aid for victims of gender-based violence.
  • Financial aid for victims of terrorism.
  • Opportunity for scholarship holders to work in different fields within the School. Studies outside the curriculum. 

Financil aid for study abroad

  • Financial aid for study abroad.
  • Complementary assistance for study abroad.

Other financing opportunities