Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation - MEINN

Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation - MEINN

Official Degree

Master Degree in Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation



1 year




Spanish, Basque, English



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Have you got the mettle to be an entrepreneur? Do you see yourself leading an intra-entrepreneurial challenge in an innovative company? Or even creating your own original entrepreneurial project?

If so, this master’s programme is for you!

It’s a time of change and transformation. Our society needs practical and viable solutions for the social, economic, environmental, technological, educational and public health issues we’re experiencing. More than ever, people prepared to lead the processes of creation and transformation that will define our future our needed. 

Being an entrepreneur or intra-entrepreneur (develop entrepreneurial or diversification processes in an established organisation) seems impossible. Nevertheless, everything is different when you do it in a real context, on a multidisciplinary team, with the support of an entrepreneurial community and a network of social innovation ecosystems, following a process of personalised accompanying guided by mentors, experts and team coaches and learning from vanguard international experiences. In this official master’s programme an environment like that has been designed and it facilitates and lever entrepreneurs and intra-entrepreneurs with a transformative potential.

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We open the doors of the university and we hope to tell you, in detail, the degree and its career opportunities.

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You’ll learn to create and launch a company from zero and create innovative projects in a company

It doesn’t matter what you studied, engineering, general sciences, health, education... In this master’s programme you can turn your passion into reality

You’ll get an official degree in entrepreneurship and open innovation

You’ll go on an international learning journey where you’ll see ecosystems of entrepreneurship and innovation. Learning Journey

Lead innovation projects in companies Intra-entrepreneurial Path

Intra-entrepreneurial Path Lead innovation projects in companies Intra-entrepreneurial Path

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Create your own project Entrepreneurial Path

Emprende Create your own project Entrepreneurial Path

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Why should you choose this Master of Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation programme?

New Master Degree Why should you choose this Master of Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation programme?

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“Sumérgete en el mundo de la innovación y el emprendimiento”


Career opportunities after the programme

  • Founder or co-founder of entrepreneurial projects
  • New business development
  • Innovation Director / Manager
  • Leading and managing teams or organisations
  • Dynamising and facilitating open innovation ecosystems
  • Consulting and Mentoring for Entrepreneurial Projects

Career opportunities