Work experience and projects

Master Official Degree

Education in Multicultural and Multilingual Contexts (Ekomu)



1 or 2 years



Class size

25 places


Basque or Spanish, posibility of making credits in English



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Work experience and Final Project

Necessary requirement to obtain the title

The practical work carried out within this Master’s degree and the Final Project are intimately linked. The project is more than an activity done at the end of the Master’s degree; it is an open process, which starts at the commencement of the Master’s degree and links directly with the period of practical work. It's fair to say that the practical work is the first stage of the project, where the object of the project is defined, along with the type of intervention that will be undertaken.

Both the practical work and the Master’s thesis project provide the opportunity to unite educational theory and practice, to investigate, for the student to reflect on their own practical work and that of other professionals and, equally, to make proposals for improvement. Similarly, practical work enables collaboration between those involved in the educational community and those in the social environment.

Practical Work

The main aim of practical work experience is to locate the improvement process so that, in an initial approach to the institution or educational organisation, a diagnosis can be carried out, containing: identification of strengths and weaknesses to launch the improvement, the opinion of stakeholders and the identification of relevant experiences.

The main task of the practical work is to design a research project or improvement which will be developed in the final project. During practical work students will carry out a diagnosis of the situation, and at the same time should also identify a possible intervention arising from a specific need.

There are two types of project:

  • Those involving a research activity.
  • Those involving an improvement activity within the organisation.

Final Project

The methodological focus chosen for the Master’s thesis is “Learning based on the resolution of problems and directed towards the development of a project” (Project oriented problem-based learning POPBL).

The problem is addressed in the practical work, and the student is required to develop an action that provides a solution in a given context. At the conclusion of the project, students must make their presentation and present their arguments.

During the course of the project, students are aided and supported by a specially appointed tutor.