Teaching-learning process

Master Official Degree

Education in Multicultural and Multilingual Contexts (Ekomu)



1 or 2 years



Class size

25 places


Basque or Spanish, posibility of making credits in English



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Teaching learning process


The methodology used is 100% online, using the Moodle platform.
The organisation of the learning process and the teaching is done based on the criteria of the Mondragon University educational model. The principles can be summarised in the following way:

  • They promote effective learning, by linking together the learning that comes from from previous experience, and the reality of the professional world.
  • They encourage autonomous learning and students taking responsibility.
  • They enable learning within the team.
  • They tie together theory with practice via internships.
  • They relate studies to appropriate resources.

The focus of learning is the student, and the project chosen by each student will determines his or her academic journey.

Our aim is to encourage effective, functional learning. To do this, we use a methodology that pulls together the following aspects: case analysis; situation analysis and reflection; data investigation and discussion; together with other project-based methodologies.
Each ECTS represents 25 hours of work by a student.

Educational model

  • The practicum and the project are the keys to this Masters degree.
  • We are moving towards a profile that demonstrates, manages and investigates using real-life contexts.
  • The training is oriented towards autonomous professionals prepared for change.

Multilingualism and multiculturalism

  • Development of multicultural and multilingual competences.
  • Dealing with language and multiculturalism.
  • Education with students of foreign origin.
  • Education against racism.
  • Directed towards schools and inclusive social groupings.

POPBL (Project Oriented Problem Based Learning)

  • Active and collaborative learning.