Dual mention and itinerances

The Dual Mention is an official recognition of university bachelor's and master's degrees that is obtained by fulfilling a series of requirements established by the Royal Decree 822/2021. 

The recognition of the Dual Mention in Bachelor's and Master's degrees is the most advanced stage of the dual university training model. In general, obtaining the Dual Mention requires a previous trajectory in which it has been possible, on the one hand, to lay the foundations for an adequate development of basic elements of dual university training and, on the other hand, to build a framework of trust between the university, the students and the collaborating entities.

In this sense, the prior development of dual projects can be envisaged to consolidate the dual modell in Bachelor's and Master's degrees through the implementation in their study plans of alternating university-collaborating entity itineraries that can evolve under the principles of "duality" and subsequently be consolidated as dual mention. 


The three itineraries of MONDRAGON DUAL model are shown bellow


- Degree: Throughout 3rd and/or 4th year

Master´s: Throughout 1st (60 ECTS) and/or 2nd year (90/120 ECTS)

- Degree: Throughout the 1st. 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th year

- Master's: Throughout the 1st (60 ECTS) and or 2nd year (90/120 ECTS)

Training periods in the collaborating entity may be discontinuous.

- Degree: 20% - 40% of the credits.

Master's: 25%-50% of the credits

- Degree: 20%-50% of the credits

Master's: 25%-50% of the credits.

- Alternation training contract paid for by the same collaborating entity: minimum of the 3 months and maximum of the 2 years.

- Educational Cooperating Agreement paid in the same collaborating entity or in different ones.


- Programme included in the SET

Dual and International dual scheme

The Dual scheme and International Dual of Mondragon Unibertsitatea (i-Dual) applies both the Dual mention and to the university - company or the university school alternation.

The difference between the two schemes relies in the fact that the International Dual itinerary includes a training stay in an international partner company or school. 

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