Protocol on sexual harassment

Protocol on sexual harassment

As a result of a participatory process that began in 2018, the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences has approved a “Protocol on sexual harassment, gender-based harassment and other sexual violence” Faculty students and staff participated in the creation of the protocol.

The Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences does not accept any type of violence and through this protocol commits to adopting the measures necessary to deal with harassment and violent behaviors. The Faculty further commits to resolving any cases of harassment or violence that may arise and to reporting them. The objective of this protocol is to prevent this type of violence, which is understood to be an equality and social justice issue, through information, awareness, training and detection.

The protocol has three main objectives: to promote a participatory and educational process that is open to the whole group; to ensure that the Faculty will be a safe place free of any type of sexual harassment; and finally, to make it possible to implement corrective measures as necessary.

To report a crime or to contact the protocol committee, please write to the following address:

This video covers the details of the sexual harassment protocol: