Language policy


In the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences of Mondragon University, Basque is the primary language for work, study and faculty activities. Furthermore, we have made a firm decision to be an agent in the process of revitalizing the Basque language.

Taking the Basque culture and language as our foundation, we wish to conduct our activities with a multilingual and multicultural perspective toward the wider world.

Therefore, we are committed to providing projects and offerings aimed at the Basque Country in the Basque language, and we make use of other languages to complete the professional development of our graduates or to transmit our plans to other contexts or other recipients. 

For this purpose, we have included in our social statutes the stipulation that Basque is our primary language for general use and for use in work contexts. We protect the conditions that guarantee this. For example, the Language Policy Committee works on, develops and evaluates aspects related to the use of languages in the organization.

For example, in the academic sphere, the Education Plan and the Language Plan provide context. As part of this, we work specifically on cultural, sociolinguistic and linguistic aspects. To carry out this work, various strategies have been activated in our degree programs, such as a language tutoring plan, specific modules in English, modules for working on sociolinguistics, courses to improve Basque language skills, etc.

University life initiatives developed in conjunction with students are also worthy of mention. We encourage students to be agents, and thus, various initiatives to promote the Basque language and the Basque culture are carried out in the faculty, some related to the academic field and others planned and carried out by the students themselves.

In the case of research, transfer and continuing education, on the other hand, we analyze the specific conditions and determine the language policy to be put into practice for each individual offering, plan or activity.

In addition to establishing ways of doing things, we are also creating knowledge about multilingualism, interculturality, and the Basque language and culture, as we expand the work we have done, both in the Basque context and internationally.