Area of Comunication

In the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences we have been impacting Basque society for more than 40 years. Throughout these years, our influence has been very clear in the field of education; however, in addition to education, we also aimed to act in another area that is very influential in society: communication. For this reason, we established the area of Communication in the Faculty and, in 2005, created the Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication.

Using the Mondragon 2025 pedagogical framework and starting with the Faculty itself, we would like to propose new patterns with respect to modes of teaching and learning communication, and also to influence communication itself. Thus, we use innovative and participatory pedagogical models in both our physical and virtual classrooms. By inspiring creativity and “learning by doing,” we train people to be critical and responsible active communicators who will be capable of responding to the challenges that will arise in the 21st century in society in general, and particularly in communication.

As a part of the world in which we live, communication, and especially the branch of audiovisual communication, is in a unprecedented process of transformation: digitalization, automation, hyperconnection, new models of products, tools, businesses and services, uncertainty, concern about transmitted values, etc. There must be an appropriate response to these and other challenges if we wish to use communication to create a fair and better society.

We would like the Aretxabaleta Communication campus to become a reference point in the Basque Country, in field of communication at the higher academic levels of course, but also in the field of audiovisual innovation. For this purpose, we maintain close ties with local and outside media, institutions, public administrations, production companies, and with agents in the world of Basque communication in general. Moreover, our significant professional network participates in the project through schools, seminars, and similar interventions. Nevertheless, our activity is not restricted to Aretxabaleta; we also work in San Sebastian, Bilbao, and other places in the Basque Country, in cooperation, and promoting communication and the audiovisual sector, because the Faculty consistently acts with an eye to nurturing society.

Today, we have eleven professionals in our Communication section, drawn from both academic and professional fields. These professors not only assist students in their training and learning process, but also conduct research in different areas of communication, ultimately transferring their knowledge, that is, sharing it with the communication sector. Indeed, that is one of the primary aims of the field of Communication: to share with society the experience that we have gathered during all our years in the field of communication; and the works and services done in this field, both by students and by workers, are directed toward this aim.


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