BDATA Teaching model 2021 - 2022

Degree in Business Data Analytics (BDATA)

We detail, on the one hand, the initial dates and general questions of the degree and, on the other, the learning dynamics and evaluation system of the BDATA(Business Data Analytics) Degree.
1. Starting dates and general questions

The start dates for the different grade levels are as follows:

  • Business Data Analytics 1st: September 21
  • Business Data Analytics 2nd: September 21

To meet the criteria of social distance, the group will be divided into two, so that teaching occurs in both groups in person, in different classrooms.
Both courses will take place on campus, Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria (Calle Uribitarte 6) until December. Starting in January they will take place at ASFabrik (Zorrotzaurre)
2. Learning dynamics

In Business Data Analytics, the learning dynamics pivot in the development of challenges, which will ensure that the sessions dedicated to their development are carried out in person.

A blended format is contemplated while the criteria of social distance are maintained. Therefore, some days the training will be online. In each course the online training days will be the following:

  • Business Data Analytics 1: Tuesday and Thursday online.
  • Business Data Analytics 2: Monday, Wednesday and Friday online.

In the event that the social distance measures are relaxed, it will return to a fully face-to-face format and without the division into groups.
The schedule for both courses will be from 8:30 to 14:30 from Monday to Friday.
3. Evaluations
Assessment is based on continuous assessment, which includes both exams and individual assignments, as well as solving challenges. This model continues, regardless of the existing health situation.