Objectives and competences

Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Innovation and educational intervention


Full-time: 3 years (possibility of extending in 1 year).

Part-time: 5 years (possibility of extending in 2 years).



Class size

14 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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The aim of the programme is that by the end of the training process, the student should have developed the following competences:

  • Design, create, develop and undertake projects in the area of educational innovation and intervention.
  • Make critical and intellectual defence of solutions in the area of education.
  • Master strategies of qualitative and quantitative methodologies according to the needs of the research project in the area of educational innovation and intervention.
  • Work both in teams and autonomously in an international or multidisciplinary context.
  • Demonstrate that he or she is able to undertake research with social responsibility and scientific integrity.
  • Communicate effectively. Search, use, communicate and/or generate information by obtaining, contrasting and processing what currently exists from various sources, generating documentation, ways of working, and trouble-free and effective relationships in the context of the work to be undertaken. Evaluate the information obtained, and follow the rigour and the particular conventions of intellectual and scientific work.
  • Learn how to learn. Apply previously acquired knowledge and strategies for generating new learning, reflecting on appropriate procedures and contexts in order to acquire and develop knowledge in all situations that come up, and transfer it to new ones.