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TRANSFERINN project funded

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TRANSFERINN project funded



TRANSFERINN; Generación de un ecosistema de innovación para microempresas, pequeñas y medianas empresas y emprendedores basado en la transferencia de conocimiento project has been funded by the Interreg Poctefa Programe of the European Union, within the call "INTERREG V A España-Francia-Andorra (POCTEFA) 2014-2020", Reference EFA001/15.

Project description

The TransferINN project meets the challenge of promoting innovation in the cross-border area, in order to bring its regions closer to the most advanced regions of the EU. To do this, it should made better use of the results of the R&D process (commercial exploitation) and favour the creation of networks among companies, universities, technology centres, and other innovation agents. The objective is to generate an ecosystem of innovation in the cross-border area, enabling the transfer of knowledge available at Universities, Technology Centres, Laboratories, etc. to micro-enterprises, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. It consists of working with companies that, despite carrying out R&D activities, do not do it systematically or do not changes innovation strategies. These require external support that allows them to promote innovation dynamics and establish relationships with Technology Centres, Universities, etc. to improve their competitiveness. The idea is to make these companies able to continuously generate innovation projects. The development of this project throughout the cross-border area will allow the establishment of relationships between companies, Technology Centres and Universities so that collaborative projects can be developed and to take advantage of the knowledge generated in the different geographical and sectorial areas. The project aims to promote the establishment of 2 collaboration agreements between companies and technology centres.

Project objectives

The objective is to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the cross-border area, enabling the transfer of knowledge available at Universities, Technology Centres, etc. to micro-enterprises, SMEs, and entrepreneurs.
  • To generate and develop individual, collaborative and/or cross-border Innovation projects in SMEs.
  • To implement a continual innovation constant in SMEs through innovation and internationalisation managers(IIM) and Integral and Constant Innovation Systems.
  • Creation of cross-border nodes of innovation and knowledge transfer.
  • To train people in Innovation and Internationalisation Management.

Project results

  • Agreements established between companies and research centres, which have led to the development of marketable products (1).
  • Companies that benefit from the innovative tools developed (150).
  • Nodes of innovation and knowledge transfer created (3).


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