Following steps


Below is an explanation of the documents which the student will have to have, fill out and submit before going abroad, during their stay abroad and after returning.

Before travelling abroad

  • OLS (Online Language Support). It is necessary to follow this procedure in the ERASMUM+ programme and students will have to do a test to verify their foreign language level.

During the time abroad

  • Students will keep in constant contact with the tutor of Mondragon University and must keep him/her informed of how the project is progressing.
  • Downloads
  • Read the academic guide of the project.
  • OLS (Online Language Support). Before returning, students who have participated in the ERASMUM+ programme will have to do a test on the platform to verify their foreign language level and report on how they are progressing.

After returning from abroad

  • Learning Agreement. Send a scanned copy via email to international relations with the section “before mobility” signed.
  • Certificate of attendance. Bring two original copies to International Relations and leave for the attention of the coordinator.
  • Survey. Students will have to fill out an online survey.
  • The documents must be submitted within 7 days of returning from abroad and failure to do so will jeopardize your grant.


For further information on grants and insurance see the following PDF. 


Outgoing Document

Complete and detailed information on the procedures, languages, grants, insurance...