Following steps


Below is an explanation of the documents which the student will have to have, fill out and submit before going abroad, during their stay abroad and after returning.

Before travelling abroad

  • Learning Agreement. Document which will outline the lists of subjects the student will be studying while abroad. The document must be signed by all three parties involved (Mondragon University, student and foreign university).
  • National Identity Card or Passport. It must be valid for the whole period abroad.
  • European Health Card. It must be valid for the whole period abroad.
  • Insurance. Insurance which is paid for and managed at MU (ERASMUS +, DOUBLE DEGREES, AGREEMENTS) *travel* status of Osakidetza (SICUE).
  • Visas. The most appropriate student visa (AGREEMENTS).
  • OLS (Online Language Support). It is necessary to follow this procedure (ERASMUS +). 

During the time abroad

  • Validation of signatures. Check the Learning Agreement.
  • OLS (Online Language Support). Students who have obtained a level below B2 will have to do an online course.
  • Official document of foreign marks. You will have to present the official document of marks and it must bear the stamp and signature of the foreign university.

After returning from abroad

  • OLS (Online Language Support). The student will have to do a test to verify his/her level of English or French. This test is obligatory and the student will have 30 days to do it following the notification.
  • Learning Agreement. Submit at the reception of Building 2 of the Arrasate Campus on behalf of the coordinator.
    • If there are no changes in the subjects, the document must be signed by all three parties.
    • If there have been changes to the subjects, in addition to signing the document, the parties will have to sign the section filled in by Mudle.
  • Certificate of attendance. It is necessary to submit two original documents signed and stamped.
  • ERASMUS + survey. The online survey will have to be completed (ERASMUS +).
  • Survey of International Relations. The student will receive the survey via email from Google forms.
  • Submission of these documents is obligatory and not submitting them involves the risk of losing the grant.
  • Deadline for presentation of documents: One week following the last day of university abroad.


For further information on the steps to be taken, results, certifications, grants and insurance see the following PDF.



Complete and detailed information on the steps, results, certificates, grants...