Learning Facilitation and Innovation (Lit)

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Learning Facilitation and Innovation (Lit)


60 ETCs

1 year




Bilbao AS Fabrik campus and workshops in Madrid


Spanish or Basque


Online + Face to face workshops

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Lit,  Learn. Innovate. Teach each other.

Lit is a 60-ECTS university Master’s Degree in Facilitation of Learning and Innovation. Its primary objective is to help professionals who work in the field of learning processes in education and work contexts not only to reflect critically on the profession, but also to acquire practical strategies and tools that will allow them to address different problems, challenges and opportunities that society expects from learning contexts.

The program is based on a viewpoint that prioritizes learning through collaboration and experience, and it aims to create joint reflection on practice, by encouraging the immediate application of learning to research projects. Therefore, the program places great importance on research; furthermore, it introduces a new approach to research, in the context of cooperative, social, and group learning.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea and TEAMLABS

The Master’s Degree in Facilitation of Learning and Innovation (Lit) is a project developed by the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences and the learning lab TEAMLABS.


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We open the doors of the university and we hope to tell you, in detail, the degree and its career opportunities.

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