IV orientagune conference

IV Orientagune conference

Access and Admission to the University for the 2017-2018 course

On 13 and 14 October we organised an Orientagune Conference in Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria and Orona Ideo, the fourth edition to date. On this occasion, we wanted to offer it in two languages with the intention of reaching out to more people. The subject discussed was “Access and Admission to Mondragon University degrees 2017-2018 Course”. Around 40-50 people attended on both days showing a very positive attitude and demonstrating their satisfaction.

Jon Altuna, academic vice rector of Mondragon University, led the conference which presented the University’s proposal of an admission process based fundamentally on the final result obtained in Upper Sixth (A level); a process that is divided into five phases:

  • Registration, where the student can only register for two degrees marking a first and second option. The ordinary time frame is from 7 November to 31 May.
  • Specific test: tests to be undertaken by registered students.
  • Pre-admission, process by which the verification of the student’s profile will be communicated.
  • Admission: the third week in June the admission results will be calculated on the basis of admission criteria and the designation of the places will be notified.
  • Enrolment will consist of an ordinary time frame (commencing after the admission of students) and extraordinary time frame.

All the detailed information on the access requirements, admission and procedure of admission can be found in the following link.

All the photos of the two-day session can be found in our Flickr album.

Here is the video of the full speech of Jon Altuna: