A cycle-based program

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Learning Facilitation and Innovation (Lit)


60 ETCs

1 year




Bilbao AS Fabrik campus and workshops in Madrid


Spanish or Basque


Online + Face to face workshops

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A cycle-based program


A cycle-based program


Within the Master’s program, each person’s learning process is unique but the program is divided into different cycles in order to facilitate that process. Each cycle corresponds to a specific stage in the personal development of the members of the Master’s student group and of their projects, and is designed to respond to specific objectives.
Thus, each cycle is based on a specific methodology and provides the opportunity to use the tools that are important in the context of that cycle, in addition to facilitating meaningful learning.

Why cycles?

  1. They provide the opportunity for in-depth individual, group and project-based learning, allowing sufficient time for exploration, decision-making, and the creation of deliverables, and ensuring appropriate assistance.
  2. They help the student to internalize important tools and methods; that is, to create his or her own toolbox for the facilitation of learning, based on experimentation with those tools.