PROCODA project funded


PROCODA project funded


PROCODA project funded



PROCODA, Procesos de alto valor basados en el conocimiento y los datos project has been funded by the Economic Development and Infrastructures Depatment of the Basque Government, within the financial aid call ELKARTEK.


PROCODA is a strategic project in the Advanced Manufacturing area in which 7 technology centres and universities in the Basque Country are taking part. The aim of the project is to research the development of new complex manufacturing processes (high-value processes) using an integrated approach based on simulation (knowledge) and data monitoring and analysis (and data), configuring a hybrid modelling and flexible operation platform (offering on-line and remote operation) that enables machine manufacturers and, in particular, users to drastically optimise (in time and cost) their manufacturing processes at all stages of development: design, ramp-up, production life cycle and adaptation to new requirements, also increasing their quality and reliability ratios.

To this end, two areas of research and knowledge that have traditionally been dealt with separately are addressed in an integrated manner:

  • Fundamental knowledge of the basic parameters governing manufacturing processes. Primarily through the modelling of the physical principles that govern them.
  • The monitoring and analysis of experimental data. This monitoring will be used in two stages: as a tool for the experimental validation of the models and as part of the solution offered to industry, as a key element of the processing, analysis and performance platform.