Projects funded 2021-2022


ETORNE project funded


ETORNE project funded



The ETORNE project, Garapen jasangarriko helburuekin lerrokatutako etorkizuneko negozio eredu jasangarri eta inklusiboen karakterizazioa, has been financed by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa through the Ezagutza program of the Department of Economic Promotion. Reference: EZAGUTZA-19

The main objective

The main objective of the ETORNE project has been to conduct a comprehensive analysis and characterisation of sustainable and inclusive business models that impact on shared social value and contribute to the SDGs, serving companies, academics and researchers, public institutions and other stakeholders as a basis for understanding business models with the potential to contribute to the SDGs.

Specific objectives

  • Generate knowledge on the state of the art on business models and the SDGs based on the systematic review of 148 articles, applying bibliographic analysis and content analysis.
  • Characterise 17 business models in the field of local renewable energy taking into account the dimensions of value creation, delivery and capture, the impact on the triple sustainability (social, environmental, economic) and the SDGs.
  • Develop 2 conceptual frameworks and 6 working templates to guide organisations and other actors in their reflection and decision making towards the identification of opportunities for business model innovation aligned with the SDGs.
  • Collaborate with agents of the Gizabidea Foundation and the D2030 network to contrast the results and develop a pilot test on the practical application of the knowledge generated, with the participation of 19 agents from Debagoiena.
  • Disseminate the results through various media (articles, working sessions, social networks).