Projects funded 2021-2022


SIC4GRID project funded


SIC4GRID project funded



The SIC4GRID project, Next Generation Modular Sic-Based Advanced Power Electronics Converters for Enhanced Renewables Integration into the Grid, has been funded by the European Commission through the Horizon Europe Program (HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-02-10). Call 2021. Reference: 101075496 - SiC4GRID


The overarching objective of the SiC4GRID project is to develop innovative eco-designed energy-efficient SiC-based switching semiconductors at 30% cost reduction, 20% size reduction and a lifetime of 30+ years validated with building block concept for both onshore and offshore HVDC/MVDC converter applications. The project aims for a comprehensive physical and digital approach in order to optimise PE semiconductors for industrial applications through development and testing of SiC-based PE modules, associated digital-twin and smart IoT with intelligent predictive health monitoring systems toward longer lifetime. Environmental eco-design is also of primary concern, to orient designers and manufacturers towards better use of resources and reduction of CO2 emission, already reaching during the project a reductio of 50% of CO2 emissions and 30% of resources used.