Projects funded 2020-2021


GAITZEN project funded


GAITZEN project funded



GAITZEN, Barne ekintzailetza eraikitzen Gipuzkoako enpresetan project has been funded by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, within the financial aid call promote the generation of opportunities, differential value and sustainability of the business fabric of Gipuzkoa. 


Gaitzen, as a result of this design project of the initiative to promote corporate entrepreneurship in SMEs of Gipuzkoa under the current DFG strategic plan 2020-2023:

It aims to create an awareness-raising/training and support process that helps generate a favourable environment within Gipuzkoa's SMEs to take advantage of the skills of people and companies through a dynamic, continuous dynamic, both internal and open to the public, for the impetus of new business opportunities that give rise to new business lines or economic activities.

General objective

  • To createnew economic activity and quality employment, and to maintain the existing employment and activities in a new and competitive way.
  • To generate a business culture that is entrepreneurial, unconventional and can continuously adapt to new opportunities and changes in the competitive environment.
  • To consolidate business projects based on mutual commitment between the working people and the organisation, focused on the full development of both, with organisational models and advanced management for the participation of said persons, and with favourable contexts to the integration of personal contribution and organisational salary.

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