Projects funded 2020-2021


EDIFICIO 12 project funded


EDIFICIO 12 project funded



EDIFICIO 12, project has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The goals of the project:

  • To catalyze the necessary technological/energy transition of the industrial sector towards a more competitive economy based on sustainable industry with high added value.
  • To promote sustainable and cohesive regional development through collaborative private/public projects.

Led by Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, the project will promote interdisciplinary collaboration between companies, technological entrepreneurs and agents in intra-entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial actions required for a sustainable and fair industry.

Different companies and entrepreneurs will share projects, spaces and equipment on an industrial scale along with the university and technology centres. This is an innovative proposal with the aim of being an international benchmark, as there are no centres that bind all these ingredients together as a shared goal:

To maintain employment and the creation of activity on territory under the following guidelines:

  • In industrial sectors focussed on sustainability and digitisation (Industry 4.0): manufacturing, automotive sector, machine tools and capital equipment, renewable energy, bioengineering.
  • Multidisciplinary, with participation in different knowledge areas: Engineering, business management, humanities, entrepreneurship.
  • Intersectorial and intergenerational, with the participation of industry, technology centres, academia, administrations and society in general, with the intercooperation of young talent and experts with experience recognised in industry.
  • With an industry-driven dual approach: (i) To the diversification and intra-entrepreneurship, in direct cooperation with companies and R&D units. (ii) To the entrepreneurship, giving freedom to the entrepreneur's creativity.
  • • Project shared by the various agents in the region: from its conception, planning, execution, to the management and connections with society.

The centre will have various spaces: differential industrial space (by height and seismic bases), other spaces for workshops without these requirements, spaces for co-creation and spaces for the experimentation of sustainable business models, computer and simulation rooms, workshops with generic equipment for prototyping, etc. These spaces will have additional access to MGEP laboratories and other technology centres, as well as other spaces already available in the Garaia Technology Park.