CIRCU-CITY project funded


CIRCU-CITY project funded


CIRCU-CITY project funded



CIRCU-CITY, Circular Cities Summer Camp project has been funded by EIT Raw Materials, within the financial aid call KIC - RAW MATERIALS, with the reference 19185.


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General information

  •  Development period: 2020-01-01 / 2021-12-31



Project objective:

The CIRCU-city project develops training programmes to aware of the need for critical raw materials in the development towards sustainable circular cities.

Project development:

As part of a project CIRCU-city summer camp will be organized in different European Cities, in which a group of international multidisciplinary students is trained and challenged to co-develop novel solutions for sustainable circular cities. It will give the next future generations thorough insights about the impact that scarcity of raw materials and policy decisions related to raw materials management may have on sustainable urban development, and stimulate them to find creative alternative solutions to still reach sustainable development goals when being challenged by such decisions.

Role of Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa as a partner of a project:

  • Coordination and organization of the CIRCU-city summer camp and tournament
  • Organization of a CIRCU-city tournament in a Basque city in 2021
  • Participation as a lecturers and experts in the summer camps.

Project partners:

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