BIDERATU project funded


BIDERATU project funded


BIDERATU project funded



BIDERATU project, Towards a circular and low-carbon economy in the Basque Country: Integrated e3s modeling system to support strategic decision making in the industrial sector and public administrations, has been funded by the Department of Industry of the Basque Government through the Collaborative Research Grants Program in strategic areas - Elkartek Program. Call for proposals 2021. Reference: KK-2021/00050

The objective of the BIDERATU project is to develop an integrated energy, economy, environmental and social (e3s) modelling system to support strategic decision making processes at public administration and industrial sector level in relation to the energy transition towards a circular, low-carbon, sustainable economy in the Basque Country.

The main attributes of the tool will be:

  • An integrated focus: energy, economy, society and environment.
  • Multisectoral modelling, spotlighting the industrial sector.
  • The inclusion of Circular Economy and Life Cycle Analysis perspectives, combined with AI techniques.

By this means, BIDERATU will constitute a core modelling system, focussing on the energy and economy components of technologies and systems and incorporating methodological aspects that will offer substantial improvements in regard to depth of analysis, such as disaggregated characterisation of the industrial sector, sustainability evaluation tools, the design of circular economy strategies, and AI techniques.