ALOPRP3D project funded


ALOPRP3D project funded


ALOPRP3D project funded



ALOPRP3D, Estandarización en la obtención y preservación de plasma rico en plaquetas alogénico, creación de apósitos 3d biodegradables y biocompatibles con factores plaquetares para la curación de heridas crónicas project has been funded by The Health Department of the Basque Goverment, within the financial aid call of Research projects and health development. Reference: 2020333032.


Chronic wounds and/or skin ulcers caused by burns, diabetes and other medical conditions can overwhelm the regenerative abilities of the skin and often lead to persistent infections that may even lead to amputations. For this reason, the development of a new generation of dressings that help in the treatment of these wounds is of vital importance.

Regenerative treatments with allogeneic PRP are proposed as an alternative that is capable of regenerating injured tissue and, consequently, improving the quality of life of patients and even delaying or reducing the need to resort to surgical procedures. To this end, with the perfect combination of allogeneic PRP standardisation and electrospinning design with biocompatible and biodegradable materials, we will develop a unique and universal dressing for the Basque health system thanks to the collaboration between multidisciplinary teams composed of clinicians, researchers and biomedical engineers from the IIS Biocruces Bizkaia-Basque Centre for Transfusion and Human Tissue (CVTTH) and Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

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