MTA Bilbo: a learning community


MTA Bilbo: a learning community


MTA Bilbo: a learning community

On the morning of January 12 the Knowledge Day of the MTA Bilbo Lab was held



On the morning of January 12 the Knowledge Day of the MTA Bilbo Lab was held. A hybrid event where more than 100 teampreneurs were dialoguing and working together to take their knowledge to the next level. The main objective was clear: Gain consciousness of their learnings so far in LEINN and build the knowledge community that shares and grows together. 

All the companies of the Bilbo Community (Avalon, Blaze, Hagalaz, Igavik, Khoda, Legit, Meraki, Reedom, Riven, Solid, Stamm, Strom, Tabia) have participated. First, in the check-in, LEINNers shared their vision: What is knowledge about? They then shared their key team check-points and had time to consciously consider and reflect about “What has happened in the last 6 months in the team? After this, bearing in mind this Einstein quote: “Creativity is intelligence having fun” it was the moment to play and find out the golden mistakes of each of the participants. Before the check-out, where LEINNers expressed the value of Knowledge for the team company, each team dialogued about the level of knowledge that is created by analysing the best essays and post-motorolas (evaluations of their customer visits) of the team members. 

Some key insights of the whole dynamic: 

-We need to train to maintain. 

-Sharing is caring. 

-Knowledge is about connecting and discovering new viewpoints 

-You can learn from failures and also by analysing the failures of other teampreneurs. 

-Knowledge as time is not linear, we need to take advantage of the spiral. 

-Team and community are key ingredients to learn. 

-Something more? 


In order to bring the knowledge to the next level, now is the moment to choose the best essay and post-motorola of the Bilbo Community. You will have more news soon!