This is a free software program used to manage bibliographic references.

It works in two ways:

  • as an extension of the Firefox browser, a free tool that is installed on the browser.
  • as a program that you can download on your PC.

Both versions allow you to gather bibliographic references, organise them and cite them.

The Zotero program automatically detects the information sources that you view as you browse (whether in books, articles, databases or other online resources on Google Scholar, YouTube, etc.) and allows you to save the bibliographic reference of what you have viewed.

Zotero allows you to create bibliographies in files with .rtf and .html formats.

You can also include citations and bibliographies directly in your text editor by downloading either of the two extensions it offers: the extension for Microsoft Word and the extension for Open Office.

If necessary, you can export your bibliographic collection to other tools such as Endnote or Refworks. It also allows you to share information through groups, both publically and privately, like a kind of social network.

To download Zotero

Go to the Download area to download Zotero:

When you install Zotero as an extension of the Firefox browser, the feature will be visible on the browser itself.

When you download Zotero on your PC, you will see that it is installed like any other program.

Access Zotero


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