How to write your institution name


Using a standardised and predefined institutional signature is as important for the University as it is for an author to adopt a unique name to sign their research papers.

Proper use of institutional affiliation, i.e. reference to the name of your work centre, department or area of research:

  • will make it easier to find and analyse Mondragon Unibertsitatea’s global research data and
  • will allow the university to have greater and better visibility in the scientific world.

Mondragon Unibertsitatea’s Faculeties, have internal rules for the standardised and predefined use of references to their institutions, the University and its departments. You can consult these rules documents below:

The Library also offers a summary of the recommendations relating to the work centre and the authors and researchers, produced by the FECYT, the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology), in its document Recommendations for the Standardisation of Authors and Scientific Institutions.

  • Authors are generally recommended to always include their institutional affiliation.
  • It is strongly recommended to include the name of the centre or institute in the original language. Even from a linguistic perspective, this is the right option.

Including the name of the work centre translated into English with the aim of improving the international visibility of your centre is common practice. However, to avoid variations and non-standard names for institutions, it is only recommended to do this if the centre has a name that has previously been standardised and accepted by the institution itself, and always accompanied by the approved abbreviation of the centre’s name in the original language, to ensure that it is properly identified.

If you need more information contact your Library.