How to write your personal name


The way in which you sign your research papers plays a key role in ensuring the visibility of any papers that you produce. Using a standard signature will make it easier to identify the literature that you produce as a researcher.

It is important that you use a unique signature throughout your professional career. This will make it easier to identify you on large databases and international scientific and technical portals.

The Library offers you the following tips, based on the Recommendations for the Standardisation of Authors and Scientific Institutions of the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - FECYT), for signing your papers and publications:

  • For authors with uncommon surnames

It is recommended to use the full Name and Surname:

Name Surname1 (E.g. Antonio Moracho)

For compound names: It is advisable to include the full first name and the initial of the second name:

Name1 IN2 Surname1 (E.g. Antonio M. Moracho)

  • For authors with common names

It is recommended to use the Name and two surnames, joined by a hyphen.

Name Surname1-Surname2 (E.g. Antonio Caballero-Plasencia)

Name1 Name2 Surname1-Surname2 E.g. Antonio María Caballero- Plasencia).

The hyphen prevents the second surname from being deleted, with the aim of better distinguishing authors with common surnames.

It is advisable to avoid using particles such as del/de/de la etc.). If they cannot be avoided, it is preferable to use hyphens between the words.

If you need our help or further information, contact your Library.

Texts taken and adapted from the “Proposed manual to help Spanish researchers to standardise the name of authors and institutions in scientific publications”, Version 17/01/07, produced for the FECYT by the EC3 research group from the University of Granada and Análisis Cuantitativos de Ciencia y Tecnología research group from the CINDOCCSIC (Centro de Información y Documentación Científica/Centre for Scientific Information and Documentation).