The Library compiles and disseminates your publications


The Library is responsible for compiling, storing and sharing the University's scientific output. In addition to this, it is tasked with analysing the bibliometric data of your publications and providing the quality indicators and information that are required to increase the visibility of the scientific impact of research at Mondragon Unibertsitatea.

It is important that you send the Library your scientific or teaching output. In this way, you will keep your personal CV up to date, in addition to information about lines of research and research groups in the research, development and innovation network. This will also enable the University to have access to, and to provide, reliable and up-to-date bibliometric information about its scientific output.

The Library publishes the materials created through your research by mediated archiving following the institutional politics approved by Mondragon Unibertsitatea Faculties. Mediated archiving allows the Library to deposit the scientific production from the university community in eBiltegia, Mondragon Unibertsitatea’s institutional open repository. Mediated archiving means the acceptance of the use licence and rights cession to Mondragon Unibertsitatea in order to publish materials in the university’s open institutional repository.

The Library dissesminates the materials created through your research in Open Access in eBiltegia, Mondragon Unibertsitatea’s institutional open repository. This will increase the visibility of your research through national and international directories, thus making an active contribution to Open Access initiatives and the sharing of knowledge.

If you require any further information or guidance in this area, please contact your Faculty’s Library.