Publish your research in Open Access


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The main ways to contribute to open access are by:

  • Publishing your articles in open-access journals and in open-access repositories
  • Publishing data from your academic and scientific research in open-access institutional repositories

These resources have been created and promoted with the aim of enabling teaching staff and researchers to manage author copyright in a satisfactory manner. The resources provide basic information about the importance of managing the author copyright of both your works themselves and the data that you generate in the course of your research.

Your publications, author copyright and open access

Multimedia tutorial "Controla tus derechos, facilita el acceso abierto" (Managing copyright, facilitating open access)

Developed by the Libraries of the Universidad Pablo Olavide in Seville, the Universidad de Murcia and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, all which belong to REBIUN library network's line 2 working group.

  1. Intellectual production, types of copyright, open access and depositing in repositories. See more
  2.  Maintaining your author copyright. See more
  3. Publishing in scientific journals and self-archiving in repositories. See more

Maintaining your author copyright versus publishers

Infograph Developed by the REBIUN library network's line 2 working group

What are Open Data?

Open data are data that can be used, reused and redistributed freely by any individual. The only conditions governing the use, reuse and distribution of these data are that the author must be cited (attribution requirement) and, if the author(s) have specified this, that the new data are shared and redistributed under the same conditions as those under which the original data had been shared.

Handbook explaining the definition of "Open Data"

Access to manual

Infographs about open data:

  1. Ciencia Abierta: la investigación y los datos científicos accesibles y abiertos a todos los ciudadanos(Open Science: making research and scientific data open and accessible to all). See more
  2. El ciclo de los datos científicos (The scientific data cycle). See more
  3. 10 pasos para elaborar un Plan de Gestión de Datos (10 steps to creating a data management plan). See more
  4. Como cumplir con los mandatos sobre gestión y publicación de datos en Horizonte 2020 (How to comply with regulations governing the management and publication of data in Horizon 2020). See more

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