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Submission form for documents to publish in open access

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The author sends this document to the Library for deposit and publication in Open Access in the eBiltegia institutional repository. The Library will include the document in the eBiltegia repository, always following the MGEP Open Access policy and respecting the agreements signed by the authors with third parties (publishing houses, etc.)

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Name of the financing entity. Name of the program. File number (grant agreement, code…). Full name of the project/s that has given rise to the investigation. Acronym of the project


  • Comisión Europea. H2020. 662189. Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance. MANTIS
  • Gobierno de España. Proyectos de I+D de Excelencia 2014. FIS2014-58950-C2-1-P. Determinación de los coeficientes de difusión molecular, termodifusión y Soret en mezclas ternarias. TERDISOMEZ
  • Gobierno Vasco. Elkartek 2019. KK-2019-00071. Estudio fundamental de procesos de corte y definición de las bases para su digitalización. DIGICUT



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