Evaluate and accredit your research


The Library provides support to faculty and research staff in the research accreditation and evaluation processes.

We can help you to locate the indicators, to elaborate the evidence of the quality of your publications and to summarize and highlight the most relevant aspects of your scientific production.

We help you to:

  • know the editorial quality of scientific publications
  • choose where to publish to improve the positioning of your work
  • locate evidence and indicators of the quality of your publications
  • find the impact factor of the journals you publish in 
  • measure the influence and visibility of your contributions
  • locate and analyze the citations received by each of your publications
  • measure the quality of your production as a researcher

Contact your Library  to receive information and personalized advice on any of these topics.

In addition, the library collects in its databases your scientific production and adds information on bibliometric indicators, which allow to measure, both personally and institutionally, the quality and impact of scientific contributions. This information automatically feeds the scientific production section of the C.V. application and in the near future the scientific production section of your ORCID identifier. Therefore, it is very important that you send us your scientific production through the form.