The Library and your CV


The Library is responsible for collecting, preserving and sharing the scientific production of the University and automatically feeding the scientific production section of the C.V. application, enriching bibliographic information with data from different impact rates of your publications (JCR, SJR, Web of Science, Scopus, etc.) and information about research networks and the entities that you collaborate with, etc.

It is important that you send us your scientific or teaching production so that this can be displayed in your C.V.

If you are a lecturer or researcher at GEP, please, use the following form for your documents’ submission.

If you are a lecturer or researcher at the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciencies (HUHEZI), BCC or Faculty of Business Studies, contact your Library providing the following information if possible:

  • Surname(s) and name(s) of the authors
  • Title of the material or document
  • Details about the publication or presentation of the material
  • Research lines or research groups with which the document or material is associated
  • Postprint of the document (the final copy of the document which is sent to the publisher, already edited but without editing marks) (logos, volume allocation, number, page numbers and so on)
  • Name, acronym and code of the project that the publication derives from, if this exists
  • Name of the organisation funding the project, if this exists

Please be aware that the information on the C.V. application is updated every 24 hours.

If you require further information or guidance in this area, please contact your Faculty's Library.

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