The Library measures your impact


The Library enhances the descriptions and bibliographic information of your publications by adding additional data which ensure that the University has access to reliable, up-to-date bibliometric information.

The Library works with the main information sources, impact indexes and bibliometric quality indicators within the scientific arena.

Information sources:

Impact indicators in the scientific world:

Bibliometric quality indicators:

  • Inclusion in Web of Science (WOS)
  • Inclusion in Scopus
  • Information about quartiles
  • Positioning by subject area
  • Documents published nationally and internationally
  • Documents published in collaboration with the Red Vasca de Ciencia y Tecnología (Basque Network for Science and Technology), with the Red Española de Ciencia y Tecnología (Spanish Network for Science and Technology) and with international researchers and institutions

If you require further information or guidance about the quality of scientific publications, please contact your Library.