Bibliographic managers


These are software applications used to manage and organise bibliographic references. They allow you to generate citations and bibliographies automatically and present them in various bibliographic styles with a single click.

They take the form of personal databases because each person creates, updates and maintains their own bibliographic database according to their needs. Bibliographic references can be entered into the program manually or automatically from various sources.

Most current managers allow you to work with word processors (Word, Open Office) and automatically insert citations and bibliographies into your documents.

What can you do with a bibliographic manager?

  • Manually add references and import references from various sources: online databases, library catalogues, archives, etc.
  • Organise and manage your bibliographic references.
  • Export your internal references in the form of a file, to another manager, etc.
  • Organise and manage your bibliography
  • Create and redesign your bibliography in numerous international formats.
  • Insert citations and bibliographies as you are writing your own document.
  • Share any bibliographic references and bibliographies you wish with other users.

Some of these applications are open source and free, while others can be accessed through subscription.

Library suggestions

The Libray recommends you Mendeley institutional version.

In addition, there are some other proposals: Zotero, free reference manager, and Endnote Web, included as a tool in Web of Science platform.


If you require advice or assistance, please contact your library.