Searching for information at your library: basic tools

How to search information guides

The Library offers you different guides to help you how to search information:

How to use basic information searching tools

The library provides you with two basic tools for searching for information: the Mondragon Unibertsitatea catalogue and EDS, the discovery tool.

Search tool

This is an information tool which integrates and displays information about all of the resources from one sole search point.

It enables you to run searches in the collection of information resources at your library. It also enables you to select your subject area (communication; business and economics; education; gastronomy; engineering) and search only for the results that are most relevant to you or that have previously been selected for you.

The tool enables you to access the complete texts of all of the documents that form part of the library collection, in addition to accessing a wide range of open access academic, scientific and technical resources.

In addition to creating searches, search tool provides you with the option of saving these searches, sending them by email and creating information alerts that you will receive in your email inbox. You can also organise the information that you find in files, where you can save the bibliographic records that are of interest to you. You can share bibliographic information with other people using email and the main social networks, in addition to importing information from the records into Mendeley or any other bibliographic management tool.

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Mondragon Unibertsitatea catalogue

The university catalogue enables you to discover and locate the sources available at the university libraries, whatever their format may be (books, theses, journals, videos, compact discs, DVDs, CD-ROMS etc.). You can access the complete texts of digital resources in digital format. The catalogue also provides information about the number of copies of each item and their availability and status.

In addition to running searches, the catalogue offers you the option of saving these searches, sending them by email or importing the results to the library management tool (Mendeley, Zotero...).

In the “user services” section you can check your current loans, renew your loans and reserve documents that are currently on loan to other users.

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