Mondragon Unibertsitatea community's reference manager

Mendeley is a multiplatform reference manager that has a free basic version and a paid version.  Mondragon Unibertsitatea’s Libray has subscribed the access to Mendeley institutional version which offers you the following extra benefits in comparison with the free version:

  • Individual storage: 100 GB (instead of 2 GB)
  • Collaborative storage: 100 GB (instead of 100 MB)
  • Private groups number: unlimited
  • Private groups size: 100 members (instead 25)

Mendeley offers the option to manage bibliographical references and research documents. Besides, it works as a research collaborative network where interesting new references or other documents can be found and where you can work online with other users in the network.

Join Mondragon Unibertsitatea Group

If you are not a Mendeley user yet, create your personal account, using institutional mail direction preferably, and you will join Mondragon Unibertsitatea Group.
If you already are a Mendeley user, just look for Mondragon Unibertsitatea Group and join the group in order to gain the advantages of the institutional version.

If you need help or further information, contact your Faculty Library.

Multiplatform reference management system

Mendeley offers you the possibility to use two versions:

  • Mendeley Web: online version, cloud stored, it does not need to be downloaded. Access to online version using  Access to Mendeley.
  • Mendeley Desktop: local version, it needs to be downloaded and executed in your pc or mobile. Download local version using  Download Mendeley Desktop

Remember you have to synchronize both versions.

The first time you access Mendeley you will have to register as a user, typing a username and a password. You can use the same user you have created in Mendeley for all the information products managed by Elsevier Publishing (Scopus, ScienceDirect, etc.).

Mendeley also works as a social network for research. On the online version there is a service that allows you to organise and share information with other users. This allows you to discover distinguished professionals in various disciplines, find publications by your peers, and join interesting groups.

If you need help or further information, contact your Faculty Library.