Hezkuntza Programa - Udazkena

Education programme - Autumn

We offer 34 ECTS international courses in the area of Education for Erasmus and Exchange students in the heart of the Basque Country and the prestigious Mondragon Cooperative Movement.

The courses will run in two different semesters. The working language of both courses will be English.

A welcoming week is an important moment for the incoming students to meet each other and get to know the campus. It also provides them with an introduction to our way of working as well as our vision in education and as a cooperative.

It is hightly recommended to attend this week before starting the study programme.

General Objectives

The objective of the degree in Primary Education is to train professionals who are able to anticipate the integrated educational needs of their pupils. Professionals who take into account the family, social and cultural backgrounds of children and address them properly. Creative and committed professionals, questioning when it comes to interpreting reality and, at the same time, flexible enough to adapt to a changing society. Professionals who develop empathy to understand children and create a welcoming environment in which to share discoveries and cosy in the investigations share new knowledge, and teaching and language discoveries.

Pre and Primary Education - Modules

  • Fostering Innovation Leadership and Reflective Practice in Education (9 ECTS) (September- October): Compulsory.
    • Being a teacher in our globalized (g localized) society needs more and more reflection and knowledge about what is similar and not between the different realities in our world. To help us gain this global view and understanding, we need to be in touch with other schools, organizations, systems, and countries on an (inter)national basis. This module aims at that. In this module, we will focus on four main axes in education. The first axis will be the Basque education system,Innovation, Teacher as a researcher and Professional Learning Community
  • Experimentation in Natural and Social Environments (10 ECTS) (October - November):
    • The aim of the subject is to understand the origin and the development of the experimental ans social sciences: The whys and wherefores.
  • Practicum (6ECTS) (December - January). Compulsory.
    • Professional practice relies on the ability to reflect on our own practice and this is necessary for decision making. The aim of this practicum will require the educator to immerse himself/herself in a process of inquiry and research and live the local experience.
  • Spanish (3 ECTS) - (October - December).
  • Basque culture (6 ECTS) - (October - December).
    • The aim of this module is to offer a brief survey of Basque culture centred on some of its most relevant aspects: language, history and education system, in order to understand present day Basque society.
  • Facilities
  • Services

PDF IC1133 Experimentation in Natural and Social Enviroments 10 EN Primary Education  
PDF IC1134 Fostering Innovation Leadership and Reflective Practice in Education 9 EN Pre-Primary/Primary Education  
PDF IC1138 Practicum 6 EN Pre-Primary/Primary Education  
PDF IC1130 Spanish 3 EN/ES Pre-Primary/Primary Education  
PDF IC1107 Basque Culture 6 EN Pre-Primary/Primary Education