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VARIOT proiektuaren ematea


VARIOT proiektuaren ematea



Europako Batzordeak VARIOT, Vulnerability and Attack Repository for IoT proiektua finantziatu du, "CEF-TC-2018-5 - Public Open Data" deialdiaren barruan,  2018-EU-IA-0100 erreferentziarekin.

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Project objectives

Creating a service providing actionable information regarding IoT devices which can be processed manually or automatically and that can be used to ensure their cybersecurity.

Relevant data will be made available through

  • The European Data Portal (EDP).
  • Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP).
  • Shadowserver’s free daily remediation feeds.
  • Create a database covering vulnerabilities and exploits related to IoT devices.
  • Improve IoT-related data collection through large-scale systematic mapping of IoT devices on the Internet.
  • Create a database of aggregated, correlated and enhanced information of various types relating to IoT.
    • Vulnerabilities
    • Exploits
    • Indicators of Compromise (IoC)
    • Events,
    • Incidents
    • Malware samples
    • Events
  • Create datasets of IoT traffic, of both legitimate and malicious natures, including models learnt to characterize these traffics, and their associated features, as well as raw packet captures.
  • Create mechanisms of active monitoring and harvesting of information of IoT devices and information about new types of threats.
  • Create interfaces to share selected data.
    • The publication of the data on the EDP such as regularly updated information on
    • The number of infected or vulnerable devices in Member States
    • Number of device types by Member States
    • Their integration with the Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP)
    • Reporting via Shadowserver’s free daily remediation feeds to National CSIRTs and verified network owners.


Naukowa i Akademicka Siec Komputerowa - Panstowowy Instytut Badawczy NASK-PIB Poland (Coordinator)
Stiching the Shadowserver Foundation Europe Shadowserver Netherlands
Security Made In Letzerbuerg G.I.E SMILE Luxembourg
Institut Mines - Télécom SudParis IMT-TSP France
Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa Jose Maria Arizmendiarreta S COOP MGEP Spain

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